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Mr Celestin Buzoya, Burundi
Treatment: Tongue Tumor

"First of all, I thank you for this opportunity that you give me to explain my feelings.

As you know it, I came here in India accompanied by my son (Eric Niyukwri) to get treatment for my illness. I take this opportunity to thank from the heart the OCC group which has undertaken prior our arrival in India, during our stay & especially for the treatment that I am trying to enjoy.

My thanks go especially to Mr. Arora Prabal & his wife Mrs. Annie who helped to find up us from the airport to our guest house. As you know it, its not easy when you arrive for the first time in a foreign country but they helped us & we will never forget it. I ‘d like to thank also Miss Neha , Mr. Nakul & Mr. Prakash (Driver) for their help with friendship during our stay.

I can‘t also forget to thank the Medanta hospitals members especially Dr Deepak Sarin, Dr Prakash, Dr Sourabh Arora for the care that they gave me.

Hoping to get well soon, I conclude in praying our lord JESUS CHRIST that his blessings fill you for your service of help International Patients from all over the world especially those from countries where medicine is less developed. We came as foreigners but now became family viva OCC group. You are a honorable family.

May God Bless You.

Hand written Testimony

Ms Anastasia Chansa, Zambia
Treatment: Spinal Surgery

"I came accompanied by daughter Kalinga ďkayĒ as you addressed her in short. We arrived on 26th of May 2011 & we were welcomed at the airport by a very cheerful personality a girl by the name of Neha, who later took us to meet Annie. I must say I came with fear being in a foreign country, though I was visiting India for the second time, but Delhi was my first time. The welcome was overwhelming & all my fears were put to rest. Indeed the Bible always tells us NEVER TO FEAR but to put our TRUST in GOD. For all those who believe in god he always makes a way, where there seems to be NO WAY. I did not think never at one time that my back condition will be dealt with & the pain will be a thing of the past, I always knew it would send me to the GRAVE. I thank God most sincerely for the OCC group who from time to time communicated with my son till the day of our travel, surgery &our stay till departure. Our stay was a pleasant one, Doctors were Excellent, the nursing staff too. The surgery was a success, I healed so fast by the love that was displayed to me by all who attended to me & by the grace of god almighty who has good plans for my life. We salute the Nursing staff."

I take this opportunity to say thank you so much to my son who made this surgery happen for the great love he has for me his mother. My gratitude goes to Annie & Arora for your endless love during our stay. We say thank you also to the ever patient driver Prakash who was always there for us & very patient & always in time. We thank Nakul who was always there when Neha was not present. We thank the guest house staff for being so cheerful & welcoming, they really made us feel at home.

Last but not the least, my daughter & I find it so hard & painful to apart with Neha, who has become part of us in our lives. Neha was always there for me, all my needs were taken care of & reported to Arora & Annie. She works with confidence, love, patience, kindness. She made me feel at home & loved each time. She was close to me even in my pain, She helped me come out of it by the way she related me. We are really going to miss her a lot may god richly BLESS her all the days of her life & may GOD BLESS Arora & Annie & entire OCC Group.

Hand written Testimony

Mr. Mwilima Mubita,

Treatment: ACL Surgery

I came to know about company through a fellow Physiotherapist who accompanied his football player for ACL treatment. The first time I got in contact with you through telephone conversation I felt warm reception and had no doubts I was dealing with a professional. Thos goes with your wife who you work with as a partner.

We have been in contact through emails till we made to come up here in India. She received us nicely at the airport and took us to the hospital where we received a warmly reception till my patient underwent ACL surgery and discharge.

The stay at your apartment is also worth mentioning. The staff and your family were very accommodating. We enjoyed the stay.

I would want to extend my heart felt appreciation to your driver who has been with us ever since we arrived.

May God richly bless you and your company till we meet again.

Thank you
Elijah Kangwa
Mwilima Mubita (National Footballer)


Mrs. Joyce Nyagonde,

Treatment: Thyroid

I have been very impressed with you guys of OCC Group for your kindness, care and proper arrangement of your daily activities.

My life and treatment in India was so easy and comfortable, because of you guys. Always you have been there for me in any issue or matter which needs your assistance or help.

I donít know which word I should use to express my thanks and appreciations for all you have done for me. Everyone in your party, from my first day when I reach India to the last day I go back my home.

Mr. Prabal and your team may God bless you all in your daily prayers. Mr. Prabal with your good supervision of your team may God bless (OCC Group) to grow much bigger and stay longer for other people to get your services for wellbeing of their health.

Special Thanks To Annie

Thank you very much.
Joyce Nyagonde (Tanzania)

Hand written Testimony


Mr. Japhet Ruban,

Treatment: Oncology

The first Impression, We received from OCC Group is lasting longer in our hands. They opened doors for us to see very important things in India.

Just to let you know that, accompanied with my Wife. I came to India for the first time due to my poor health condition, after being referred to Medanta Hospital, from Tanzania. East Africa. Many thanks to OCC team under flexible leadership of Sir Prabal Arora and his wife Annie. Who have set the team in a way that you see OCC Group in Indiaís our extended family from Tanzania.

Our sort story start at Delhi Airport where we were received by smiling face of Mr. Gautam and Mr. Virender who gave us a "Best Wishes" card from OCC Team. Really our being new to India Evaporated, Instead, we feel free and comfortable. Thereafter, we were directly driven to Medanta Hospital for further management.

After being discharged, the OCC Group were really available and took us "Somewhere", where I forgot all my past health problems. The place is very interesting and enjoyable. We felt at home. The OCC Team being near to us all the time.

I am not cutting you short, but the good work of OCC Group to enable treatment connections, to foreigners, be done in India is highly recommended

Before we go back to Tanzania, we ask your permission to refer others to OCC Group Through:- or

Beast Regards: - Mr. Japhet Ruban and Mrs. Hilda Japhet Mwaheleja

Hand written Testimony


Mr. Thomson Kampingo,

Treatment: Colonoscopy

First of all we thank you Annie & Your husband for a warm welcome, well attended. You were always there for us. You gave us all the help we need and you were very fast to act to a problem. When we go back home we will not hesitate to refer other patient to you.

You are a lovely couple. I and my father we appreciate you very much. May God bless you & your family.

Hand written Testimony


Mr. Mussa Jonas,

Treatment: Cystoscopy- bladder biopsy

"Mr. Mussa Jonas" Tanzania
Hand written Testimony


Mr. Rohit Chandra,
Fiji Islands

Treatment: Open Heart Surgery

We are grateful to God that we came to India for my husbandís medical problem. When we arrived India, we were lost. We thank God that we met Prabal and his wife Annie as angles to us. After the medical treatment we were taken by OCC group to their apartment. It looked like as we came back home. They were so supportive that words are not enough to express our gratitude. They guided us in all the ways. They provide 24 hoursí service that you canít imagine.

It is always in our mind to tell any friend to contact OCC Group for any medical treatment because they give a good deal where you will not regret for what you have spent.

Once again I thank God for getting me in touch with OCC Group. May God always bless them in their efforts and the way they are helping us - the needy people.

Thank you.


Mr. Harry Makundi,

Treatment: Neuro

I have been impressed with the level of care and commitment that OCC Group staff has shown me and my brother since my arrival here in India.

It is always difficult for any person to come to a foreign country for the first time and be able to settle in but thanks to the care and assurance of Prabal Arora and his team. I was given a warm welcome and cared for. Special thanks to Viren who has helped me and my brother a lot to move around the streets in Gurgaon and be able to see the country and its people.

I wish you all the best in your wonderful service, may you grow bigger and bigger and help as many people as possible who come to India for salvation in their healthís and their lives.

Thank you and May God bless you.

Harry Makundi

"Mr. Harry Makundi" Tanzania


Mrs. Joyce Hibajene,

Treatment: Colonoscopy

"Mrs. Joyce Hibajene" Zambia


Mr. Nyambe Mulenga National Football Player,

Treatment: ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) operation

"Mr. Nyambe Mulenga" (National Football Player) Zambia

Mrs. Jennipher Makukula, Zambia

Treatment: Spinal Surgery

All my life I have known that GOD - The Creator do send His angels in time of need to those who believe in Him. This truly happened to me and my mother (Mrs. Jennipher Makukula), when we traveled to India.

GOD used the OCC Group to show His care. The smiles of the entire group members who work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that the patient and the companion are comfortable at all times. Arora thanks for going out of your way and avail a cake on my motherís birthday. Gautam you are a star, keep it up. All in all is THUMBS UP to the entire OCC Group.

May the Almighty GOD richly bless you all and may He continue guiding you all, as you tirelessly labour, as you help His people receive medical assistance in INDIA from other parts of the world. We will be available to recommend others from our country to you.

Jennipher Makukula

"Mrs. Jennipher Makukula" Zambia


Mr. Reuben Mahinda,

Treatment: Eye Treatment

"Mr. Reuben Mahinda" Kenya


Mr. Rodgers Lutaaya, Uganda

Treatment: Lap Coli Surgery

"Mr. Rodgers Lutaaya" Uganda


Nitunga Ida,
Treatment: Eye Check-up

Dear brothers and sister,

Hello once again.

During my stay in India, I cannot help but thank you for the welcome you have always granted me, from the Delhi airport to our hotel.

My dear brothers and sisters, I warmly thank Mr Gautam for having welcomed me at the airport and helped me through everything. My thanks also to Mr Prabal and his wife Annie who have helped me so much during my stay here. Mrs. Annie who has always prepared delicious meals.

I also thank the gentleman who has served me the meal yesterday, please excuse if I don't recall his name.

My thanks also to Mrs. Sunita for having been so useful in translating English to French for me.

I also thank the Doctor and his colleagues at the hospital, who have helped me find the reality.

I didn't think I was born with the disease. Had I known it earlier, I wouldn't have worked as a Secretary and type during 19 years. I would have chosen another job or reduced my efforts at work. But as the proverb states "Man proposes, God obeys".

I hope that Jesus Christ is the only rightful Doctor who can and will heal me at the right time. If it is not possible, may His will be accomplished. Be Him blessed. I have faith in Him and I don't want to miss anything.

Dear brothers and sisters, I thank you again.

I wish one day, and if God gives me strength and the sufficient means, that I will be able to visit you again, and not for treatment this time. You have always been so generous towards me, but please pray for me, for a life of a widow (a woman whose husband has passed away) is difficult to cope with, especially in Bujumbura (Burundi).

Please always pray for me so that Almighty God gives me the life, the opportunity to educate my children until they grow old.

I am telling it again, you have all been so great with me. I thank you again for all the efforts you have put before, during, and after my stay in India and my following trip.

I wish you a happiness and success in your life. I assure you that I will forward your picture to my brothers and sisters of Burundi. There will be more to come.

Gautam, Prabal, Annie, Doctor, Sunita and the others. May God bless you all. I shall always remember you and cherish these precious memories.

"Nitunga Ida" Burundi


Mr. Rajendra Prasad,
Fiji Islands
Treatment: Obstructive Jaundice

"Coming all the way from Fiji to India was an awesome experience. I had been suffering from severe pain and having sleepless nights due to Obstructive Jaundice.

We were quoted FJ $5000 for the treatment in a renowned Hospital in New Delhi. But my niece Anita who is the Director of 'Optimum Cure n Care Pvt. Ltd. (OCC Group) in India arranged my treatment in another world-class hospital for just FJ $2650. Because of her Medical Tourism Company, OCC Group, I was able to save money and received good treatment by one of the best surgeons in Gurgaon, near Delhi.

The Country Head of OCC Group gave us a warm welcome at the airport, dropped at the hospital, provided a Mobile phone to talk to my near and dear ones back in Fiji. Later I was accompanied by Anita, the Director, for shopping. I always felt at home because of special care given to us.

Thank you very much Anita for looking after me so well.

My pain is gone post surgery and the doctor has given me the reassurance that I could call him whenever I want to. Once I go back to Fiji, I'll tell everyone to contact Optimum Cure n Care for any medical treatment in India.

Mrs. Sangeeta Sagar,
Fiji Islands
Treatment: Gall Bladder

"I am so happy from the facts I have seen in an Indian Hospital. It gives me a good impression to seriously start encouraging our Fijian brothers and sisters to come to Indian hospitals who suffer from any major illness and require complex surgery.

The international patients division was really helpful in every way. My surgeon was excellent, nursing care is beyond comparison, the facility is state-of-the-art and it's really affordable.

I am a nurse by profession so I could personally see all the medical facilities available in the hospitals here in India (after my visitation to various hospitals) which were nowhere less than of those in the US or Australia, New Zealand.

I didn't have to ask my way to the hospital, being a stranger and a 1st timer in India. Anita, the Director of Optimum Cure and Care (OCC Group) came personally to pick me up from the airport.

Next day, I was taken to the hospital where my gall bladder surgery had to take place. Wow, was my first word at the sight of the Hospital's edifice. I never felt that I have come here for some treatment at the hospital; rather I felt I was at home with my complete family.

I strongly recommend every one in Fiji to take exceptional services of Optimum Cure n Care to undergo any type of medical treatment in India. The company provides all types of services right from pick/drop back at the airport, hospitalization, mobile phone, Internet, Escort/Guide to take you to Taj Mahal or pilgrimages, shopping, spa, massage, Yoga etc. You name it; they have it.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Optimum Cure n Care and especially the Director Anita Narayan for making my trip to India so special and also, thank you all the nursing staff and doctors at the hospital to cure me perfectly."

Mr. Anjaniya,
Fiji Islands
Treatment: Spinal and Prostrate Gland surgery

"Having gone through 2 surgeries - spinal and prostrate gland, I was a quite anxious about post treatment recovery and my sexual activeness. I shared my feelings and concerns with the OCC Manager who had taken special care of me after the treatment. He was always empathetic and alleviated my fears.
OCC arranged our trip to Taj Mahal and temples in Vrindavan. Shopping was a good experience. The OCC Manager was always with us to assist throughout this wellness journey. Thank you all the members of OCC Group for making our stay as part of recuperative holidays with you a memorable one."

Mrs. Tony Samantha Wildesh
United Kingdom
Treatment:  Breast augmentation

"When a breast augmentation procedure that Tony Samantha Wildesh, a UK based model underwent at Prague, Czechoslovakia, went wrong, she thought her whole life had stopped. Calling it one of the worst decisions she had ever made, Tony was keen to persuade her peers not to go under the knife or have injections.

"With a bleeding, infected implant, I could have died of septicaemia. Doctors back home in UK had to perform an emergency procedure to remove the implant from the right side, leaving me with one breast larger than the other." she remarks. After going to many doctors all over, but with little assurance, Tony had just started to believe that her career had run aground when she was informed of the vast scope in cosmetic and corrective surgeries that India offers.

In search of health and beauty, she arrived at Fortis Hospital, Mohali in January, with skewed breasts. A corrective surgery by Dr. KM Kapoor, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, did not only help her regain her shattered self-confidence, but also her career as a glamour model set soaring, post augmentation.

Back at Fortis Hospital, Mohali for another 'breast job', Tony's echoes the sentiments of many as she says "Everybody has the right to look and feel beautiful, and if it is only about a nip here and a tuck there, why not!" She didn't miss the opportunity to get Botox shots to smooth fine lines from her face at a Botox party organized at Fortis.

Tony calls Dr Kapoor her guardian angel. "FHM is a world-class hospital and Dr Kapoor is one of the best cosmetic surgeons I have met, and believe me I have met a number of them", she says.

Oozing with confidence, Tony adds that she would not hesitate to be back again for new cosmetic procedures, as and when the need be."

Mr. Jeff Clark, Canada
Treatment: Spine Surgery

"Where do you begin when describing a miracle? I never could have expected such quality of service and medical expertise as which was found at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. You cannot find this level of comfort anywhere else in the world; Apollo is blessed with the best surgeons, physicians and nurses in the world. I cannot thank Apollo enough; Apollo has given me a second chance in life."

Ms. Judy Rowell, Canada
Treatment: Orthopaedics

"The quality of treatment care is excellent and the co-ordination to make it happen is seamless. People should know that the option to come to India for treatment is real and one to be seriously considered."

Mr. Peter Wil, Canada
Treatment: Dentistry and Bariatric surgery

"I had some dental work and my wife had a bariatric surgery. Apollo is second to none. We are really happy."

Mrs. Beverly Johansson
Treatment: Orthopaedics

"Professional, yet very caring and attentive. The surgical team was second to none. Other than the exceptional doctors at Apollo who were involved with my surgery, I would also like to recognize the incredible help and assistance we received from the International Patients Service Team."

Mr. Charles Kaiser, USA
Treatment: Neurosurgery

"Mr. Charles Kaiser, a 62 year old retired professor from the United States of America underwent two neurosurgery procedures (Cervical Corpectomy & Fusion and Lumbar Posterior fusion-2 levels) on the 6th and 11th of January respectively. The procedures were performed by Dr. A. K. Singh, Director Neurosciences, Fortis Hospital, Noida.

Mr. Kaiser said "Doctors in Fortis are highly professional and were always reassuring. The Nurses, Physiotherapist and the Housekeeping people were extraordinary. Everybody goes a step out of his/her way and everything has an element of personal touch. Food was excellent and was available when ever it was asked for. This kind of personal care cannot be expected in USA".

We were quoted between US $ 85,000 to US $ 100,000 for the surgeries in the US and in Fortis Noida - including a round trip to Agra, Jaipur and Neemrana Fort - it was under US $ 12,000.

My pain has reduced substantially post surgery and Dr A K Singh has given me the reassurance that I could call him whenever I want to."

"Overall, Fortis was outstanding in all ways, right from the welcome bouquet at the Airport to the warm sendoff. A real memorable experience to treasure."

Dr. A Serebro, Israel
Treatment: Orthopaedics

"My name is Dr. A Serebro of Omer Israel aged 69 years. After coming to India last week I tripped & fell which lead to Fracture of Femur (thigh-bone), accompanied by doctors I was transferred by an ambulance to a hospital where X Ray reveled the fracture.

After as ECG, blood tests were taken & I was transferred to Fortis Hospital which is a modern hospital in Amritsar where further test to my heart & chest were under taken & I then underwent partial Hip replacement surgery under epidural anesthesia. The operation was performed by a most competent Orthopaedic joint replacement Surgeon. I felt no pain during the operation & only a very slight discomfort after the surgery.

The staff & nurses treating me were most sympathetic & helpful in every way. Every request by me & my family was granted with warmth, love & affection.

I also had a series of treatment by speciality physiotherapist & a specialist dietician attended to my diet during the time I was in the hospital. My wife is qualified nurse & my daughter final year medical student who flew out to help me, were also given the maximum help possible.

The cost of all above treatment & medication were most reasonable & I want to convey my appreciation for all the help given to me & my family."

Mr. Pastor Jack Smith
Treatment: Orthopaedics

"I have undergone a total knee replacement surgery at Apollo Hospitals and it was really a great experience. The international patients division was really helpful in every way. My surgeon was excellent, nursing care is beyond comparison, the facility is state of the art and it's really affordable."

On behalf of Master Khalid Moosa Al Zaabi
Treatment: Scar Revision with Multiple Zedplasties with Hair Transplant for areas of Alopacea

"When we were planning to come to India for my nephew's surgery, people from my country started saying that we should not go to India because the country, people & hospital will be new, so we shouldn't experiment. But I took my own decision and came to Paras Hospitals. When I came here, I was received at the airport and the staff at Paras Hospitals gave us a warm welcome. I was surprised when I came to the hospital seeing the facility, nursing care, doctors. I was also surprised to see the security giving me due respect which I wouldn't have received in my home country.

When I was given a room, it was really good, with an attached bath & toilet, attached balcony with the room and the room was clean & tidy. Without even requesting the housekeeping staff, our room was cleaned everyday. The food given to us was good and was according to our taste. Even though majority of the nurses did not know our language (Arabic) and we did not know English, still we were made comfortable and were taken care of by sign language.

We would specially want to thank Sister Vandana, Sister Margaret and Sister Elizabeth at Paras Hospitals who knew our language and made our stay so smooth and comfortable and kept on guiding us from time to time about the world outside the hospital, if we wished to go out for shopping.

I never felt that I have brought my nephew here for some treatment at the hospital; rather I felt I was at home with my complete family.

I would speak to the director general of Ministry of Health in Oman and request him to send patients to Paras Hospitals for their treatment because Paras is the Best."

Thank you all once again All the best

Yaseer Mohammed

Mohammed N.Al Hinai
Sultanate of Oman
Treatment: Neurosurgery

"I have the honour to be one of the visitors of this unique hospital, highly designed, well operated and professionally managed. I was impressed to see such advanced health institution in India which as per my knowledge could be the only one. My sincere wishes and Good Luck."

Sofia Helmi Makki
Treatment: Neurosurgery

"I am so happy from the facts I have seen in an Asian Hospital give me a good impression to seriously start encouraging our fellow citizens who suffer from any major illness and require complex surgery.

Wish you good luck & more achievement!"
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