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Excellent Medical Centers and Doctors
The medical centers that participate in OCC's network have been carefully selected and all have received international accreditation by quality and service organizations.
The Lowest Medical Cost for your Surgical Procedure
OCC's negotiated rates and contractual agreement with each medical center stipulate that our clients receive the lowest possible price for their surgical procedure.
Substantial Savings on Travel
OCC works with some of the largest travel consolidators in the region to provide clients with the lowest price for travel.
Superior Customer Service
A dedicated OCC Program Manager works with customers from first contact until the customer returns home.
Mrs. Joyce Hibajene, Zambia. Treatment: Colonoscopy
"Mrs. Joyce Hibajene"
Mr. Nyambe Mulenga National Footbal Player, Zambia. Treatment: ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) operation
"Mr. Nyambe Mulenga"
Mrs. Jennipher Makukula, Zambia. Treatment: Spinal Surgery
"Mrs. Jennipher Makukula"
Mr. Reuben Mahinda, Kenya. Treatment: Eye Treatment
"Mr. Reuben Mahinda"
Mr. Rodgers Lutaaya, Uganda. Treatment: Lap Coli Surgery
"Mr. Rodgers Lutaaya"
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